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JW (Jehovah’s Witness) Info invites Jehovah’s Witness and Watchtower Followers to search this website and to find the truth. The main purpose of JW Info is to help our visitors recognize that the only authority for faith and life is God’s Anointed Word plus nothing, minus nothing. Two rules come into play in discussing any Scripture. The first is that the context of any scripture is the basis for its interpretation, and the second is that any truth which is expressed from any context must be in harmony with the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
If you are a Jehovah’s Witness, it will be assumed that you have access to the Watchtowers CD Digital Library, Watchtower online helps, and hard copies of their most recent publications. The Watchtower answers are quoted in brief and can be easily verified by using any of the above-mentioned tools. It is suggested that when the Watchtower cites a Bible verse as a proof-text, that you go to the passage in the Bible and read the surrounding verses so you can associate the thought in the verse with its context. If you assume that the Watchtowers application of a verse agrees with its context, you may be led to believe something that is different from what the Scripture truly teaches.
The author of this blog is a born-again Christian who never has been a Jehovah’s Witness nor has he studied with the Watchtower. When a JW comes to his door he is friendly and eager to hear what he has to say. May the dialogs on JW Info be expressed in such a way that always gives honor to the Lord and Creator of all things. Lets blog!