JW Wakeup Call

Harold Camping’s End Of The World False Prophecy—Wakeup Call For Jehovah’s Witnesses

Watchtower leaders Russell, and Rutherford made Armageddon prophecies that failed and then said that the event actually happened or started, but it was invisible.  Watchtower leaders also used “This Generation of 1914 Will Not Pass” prophecies four times or more to set dates for Armageddon that did not happen.  Jehovah’s Witnesses condemn Harold Camping as a false prophet, but continue to claim that the Watchtower organization is being led by Jehovah Himself.  Wake up JWs and open your eyes and be willing to take God at His Word and put away your Watchtower publications!
Where do you go if you leave the Watchtower?  Jesus said, “Come unto Me…”  That invitation is the one all JWs  need to accept, for salvation is not in any religion or religious organization; salvation is in a person and that Person is Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God.

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